Regina Barak, Certified Group Instructor

I’ve been a certified group instructor with ACE since 1994, and have been teaching yoga since 1996. I received my 200 hour yoga teacher certification through the International Yoga Teachers Assn out of Sydney, Australia in 2001.

My fitness style is for all levels, where modifications are provided as needed. My yoga style is Hatha based with some slow sun yoga flow or salutations (vinyasa). Classes are structured for a balanced approach to incorporate flexibility training, core work, balances, proper breathing, alignment and posture. Each class starts with a gentle warm up then a variety of exercises and poses, awareness/focus, then moving through ending with a 5 minute relaxation.

Regina Barak (instructor) takes an individualized approach to ensure that every participant can have a safe and satisfying experience. awareness/focus, then moving through some slow sun salutations/sequences, continuing with focus on each pose, and ending with
time for relaxation.

Boot-Camp classes consist of: combination of cardio intervals to raise fitness levels, resistance training using resistance bands, core and abdominal exercises. Classes will start with a warm up then intersperse the intervals with the resistance training, ending with time to stretch.

Both classes are modified to meet the needs and abilities of all individuals attending to ensure individual needs and success are met.